Lasing Eastern's Super Scrimmage
  The Saturday after Thanksgiving makes most people think about the state football finals but it has become a big day in Michigan High School hoops as well. The day Lansing Eastern holds their annual super scrimmage at the Don Johnson Field house. This year 16 teams took part in the event and there was no shortage of talent on display. Even though it is very early in the year some teams were already in mid season form  Here is a quick look at the teams, and some of the players, who played well during the day.

Best Teams:

Class A: Lansing Eastern- To find the most dominate Class A team look no further then the host team. Eastern played with a purpose and really made a statement during the day. They started their day by a 30 point blow out over Cass Tech. The game was over real quick. Next they took on the defending Class A Champions from Kalamazoo Central and beat them by 20. It was a around a ten point game with about 6 minutes to go, but Eastern really opening the game up, and it gave them a chance to get a lot of guys in to the game. If Eastern continues to play like this, they are going to be a tough team to beat.

Class B: The defending Class B champs may have lost a McDonald’s All American, but they sure have some talent left over. They started their day by beating Kalamazoo Central in a very good game, and then took care of Lansing Sexton. Country Day is more then just OSU bound Amir Williams, though the 6’10 center played like the top 40 player nationally that he is.

Class C: If Consortium doesn’t win the Class C title there should be an investigation. Their talent and depth is not match by many teams in the state, no matter the class. I saw them beat a Jordan Hare-less Arthur Hill team, and then they beat Detroit Loyola as well. They have a couple of really nice players.

Best Players:

Not mentioning guys who have already signed who played well, Amir Williams, LaDontae Hinton, who looks great, he has added some muscle, and TJ Buchanan who played well for Kalamazoo Central, but did get hurt in the Lasing Eastern game, and he was not moving very well, so that is something to check up on. Denzel Valentine (MSU) played the way you would expect him to play, so I will not mention him either. And again these are just some of the players who played well. I also didn't mention 3 2013 top players, Martez Walker from Pershing and Steve Haney Jr and Cha Cha Tucker from Eastern. Haney played very well on the day though.


Lee Bailey- DCD-6’1- strong and takes the ball hard to the rack, he played well in what I saw, but would have to check with Football coaches on what sport he will be playing in college… adding to that, Kenny Knight, who I also think will go the football route, also showed his quickness and good handles.

Tyler Bell-K-Central-6’1- Bell did the things you would expect him to do. He looks like a player, and he is very solid but he doesn’t really do any one thing great.

Darius Norman-K-Central-6’6- Had a great chance for a big game against Amir Williams and I thought he played very well. He showed a decent mid range jump shot touch, even though he missed a few, and had a nice pump fake to get Amir in the air, and drove by him for a easy two. The two big guys battled all game long and for a guy who loves good post play it was fun to watch. There is no question in my mind Norman can play, and someone will give him a chance, it’s just too bad he sat on the bench for King James during AAU instead of played for a Michigan based team.

Dell Simon-Arthur Hill-6’1- Just built like a tank that will go through you, but he moves very well too and with Pookie gone will get a chance to handle the ball more. Baseball may be more in his future however.

Alex Williams-Benton Harbor-6’4- He is long and lanky and has a nice touch on his shot. He is just smooth, but really didn’t do as much as you would hope.

Tyrin Wade-Lansing Sexton-6’5- The big body lefty has a lot of things to like about his game, but is his attitude where you would want it? He arrived late, and was the last member of his team to show up… could be a problem.


Khaliq Spicer-Robichaud-6’8- He is long and lanky, and very athletic, dunks off of two feet with ease and gets up in a hurry. Has nice hands, but needs to post a little bigger and stronger and not get in a fight with his hands. Something that I talked to him about and he seemed to listen to, so that’s another plus, great kid.

Sherron Dorsey-Walker-Pershing-6’4- Sherron was Sherron, if you don’t know anything about his game, you’re too late. But if you need help, he is long and athletic, and can shoot the 3 or get to the rack.

Matt Willms-Consortium-6’10- I talked about how deep and talented Consortium is, Matt is a 6’10 JR with some D1 offers/interest and he didn’t play much for them in what I saw, that’s how deep they are. He is very long, but moves really well for his size, and has a nice touch, keeps the ball high and showed a lot of the P word. He needs to find a weight room, and quickly, but he is adjusting to the American game, he is a transfer from Canada if you hadn’t heard, and will be just fine.

Jordan Price-DCD-6’6- He may not have the upside of his younger brother, more on him in a minute, but Jordan is a player in his own right. He is long, and needs to get stronger, but has a nice touch on his shot and has 3 point range. I plan on seeing a lot more of him this winter.

Connor Tava-WDLS-6’5- Built well and he plays really hard, could be a very good D2 type player, my only question is, will he grow?

Justin Beal-WDLS-6’4- See Connor Tava

Chazz Miller-DCD-6’5- At Country Day he doesn’t get to play all that much right now but when he does he is a nice post prospect, he is built well and strong, but like Beal and Tava will he grow? He is undersized for a true post right now at the next level.

Tre Tignor-Consortium-6’5- Big body, who moves well and plays hard. Athletic too, he can get up and finish strong too.

Antoine Wilson-Ottawa Hills-6’1 OH didn’t have D Ivy, who will be out until January after surgery for a football injury but Wilson played well. He was under control all day, and can finish too. Very good passer and drives to the basket with his head up.


Vincent Hunter-Consortium-6’5- I mentioned Consortium is good right? Watching him play it is hard to believe Hunter is a sophomore. Top ten talent for sure, he is long, athletic, a great passer, attacks the rim under control, basically he’s a stud.

Jalen Hayes-Lasing Sexton-6’5- Oh to be long and athletic, slim, but he can flat out get up. Will have to watch his jump shoot and if his handles improve but he is someone to keep an eye on.

Lorenzo Bonam-Robichard-6’3- Very very athletic, great driver, who is long and lanky, BUT the jump shot needs work, a lot of work. Still a very good player though who will not be stopping his basketball career anytime soon. Also let’s not forget, he has three years of varsity ball ahead of him.

Leo Edwards-Cass Tech-6’8- He is long and moves well. Has a nice touch on a couple put backs that I saw, and if he continues to grow watch out. He also is a great student, so that’s another plus, I do need to see a little more from him though before I put him as high as some others might have him.

Austin Price-DCD-6’1- Jordan’s little brother, doesn’t have his size, but the 6’1 combo guard is going to be a star. He is built well and is under control. Plus it is hard not to get better playing against the guys he will face every day in practice. I like him to be in the top ten in this class, he has that much potential.


Mory Diane-DCD-6’1- The only freshmen that I knew of who I saw play at the event, doesn’t mean there were not more, he is built really well and has a lot of upside, that is a understatement. If you are a freshman and can get some time on Country Day’s varsity you are doing something right.